Coyote Watch Canada is a Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit community-based, wildlife organization, which advocates positive wildlife experiences through education, research, mediation, intervention, and conflict resolution.

We provide multilevel educational programming and lectures, a first-response team CRTN (Coyote Response Team Niagara), on-site investigation, assessment and mitigation directives, wildlife rescue and release assistance, private, municipal and provincial level consultation, digital mapping and tracking programs, on-site and in-office training, publication and print materials including signage (by-law enforcement) and fliers, and municipal wildlife framework models. All of our programming and field activities employ a cornerstone approach based on four fundamental building blocks: Investigation, Education, Prevention and Enforcement. Through our cornerstone wildlife strategy framework we are able to provide proven, successful programming and strategies that sustainably alter the way that communities interact, and co-exist, with wildlife.

Our Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council consists of Biologists, Ecologists, Conservation Experts, Medical Professionals including Doctors, Nurses and Mental Health Workers, Wildlife Photographers and Artists, and Multidisciplinary Naturalists. With this diverse team of advisers we are able to develop and customize our programing and initiatives to meet the individual and specialized needs of businesses, members of the public and municipalities.

Ann Brokelman, Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Bill Leeming, Professional Naturalist and Environmental Columnist.

Donna Shepherd, RN, PHN

Jacqueline Milner, Photographer/Visual Artist/Writer/Friend of the Earth

Janet Kessler, Urban Coyote Behaviour Photo-Journalist/Researcher, Author, Advocate

Jaswinder Singh, Freelance Artist

Jonathon Way, PhD, Founder of Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research

Michael Howie, Strategic Communications Specialist

Mike McIntosh, President of Bear With Us Sanctuary

Rick Lamplugh, Author of In the Temple of Wolves

Sue Waterhouse, Psychiatric Nurse

Tracey Hobbs, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Coyote Response Team

Our Coyote Response Team provides immediate outreach through interactive field investigation instruction, consultation, on-site support, within 24 hours of initial contact with our partnership locations. The CRT ensures a multifaceted problem solving approach by consulting with government agencies and municipal support staff, such as local animal control agencies, on a need-specific basis. The CRT specifically provides on-site assessment, attractant identification, mitigation advice, wildlife proofing, wildlife rescue and assistance, outreach, distributable print material and follow-up support and monitoring.

Meet our Coyote Response Team

Our Board of Directors

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Coyote Watch Canada on our long path to Federal Status. We will continue to strive to provide the very best in education, outreach and protection for our native canid species, and we hope you will continue this mission with us as we begin our new incarnation as a Federal Wildlife Organization. To read more, click here.

Our Board of Directors

Lesley Sampson, Director

Priscilla Brett, Treasurer

Maryellen Howe

Amy Brunning

Joanne Mckinley-Molodynia

Geri Vistein

Shelly Alexander