Applying Conflict Resolution

UNDERSTANDING AND APPLYING EFFECTIVE WILDLIFE CONFLICT SOLUTIONS Eastern Coyotes are monogamous when left alone to thrive in natural landscapes. Persecution disrupts family dynamics and creates voids in established territories, opening up the landscape for another coyote or two to move in. Coyotes are diligent and devoted parents. The alpha male co-parents and provides food for his mate while she is nursing the pups in the den. It is critical to keep coyote packs stable and available to defend their family territory. This encourages and sustains healthy ecosystems essential not only for pup survival but also to minimize human and coyote encounters and conflicts.

Progressive perspectives in terms of how to successfully meet the challenges of coexisting with wildlife are becoming the most popular approach to consider by many government agencies, policy makers and frontline response personnel. Although this new paradigm shift can present several initial challenges for many municipalities that relied previously on lethal actions, there is an evolving mindset across Canada. Collaboration by municipalities partnered with consultation with Coyote Watch Canada by numerous cities, demonstrates a new era of compassionate communities willing to develop and implement an effective coyote coexistence plan.

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