Coyote Resources

Our excellent field-tested print resources such as our Coyote Awareness Sign and Poster, Hazing Pamphlet, Coexisting With Wildlife Pamphlet, and CWC Wildlife Proofing Quick Tips Sheet are available to all community members, government agencies, wildlife organizations and educational institutions to be utilized as effective education materials to share widely. Our resources are posted in the workplace, public areas such as parks, trails, green spaces and circulated throughout North America.

Coyote Watch Canada also has experience collaborating and consulting with city officials with the development and implementation of a feeding wildlife by-law. The following document has been the driving force for other communities to enact a feeding wildlife protocol of their own. The City of Niagara Falls Coyote Feeding By-Law serves as an exemplar for policy and legislation personnel, council members, including Animal Services and Animal Welfare organizations.

All of our print materials including the design for our provincially endorsed sign, can be modified to meet the specific requirements for each city. Please contact Coyote Watch Canada to request our resources or a consultation for developing a wildlife coexistence program in your community. .

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