Heartland Forest

Heartland Forest Meets Bear With Us

Learning about black bears is a humane response and responsibility of us all.

Mike McIntosh, of Bear With Us shared his knowledge and experience working with black bears (bears) with an enthusiastic audience at Heartland Forest Friday evening. Folks from across southern Ontario braved frigid temperatures and snow drifts to attend this educational event. Krista Galati, a volunteer at Bear With Us Sanctuary was on hand to film the informative discussion.

Also featured were ten interesting paintings by artist Jaswinder Singh to compliment the evening venue. The night went by so quickly as the audience took in the […]

Learning to Live With Bears

Learn To Live With Bears

Join renowned bear expert Mike McIntosh at Heartland Forest on Friday, February 7 to learn how you can coexist with bears in the community.
Presented jointly by Heartland Forest and Coyote Watch Canada, the event, running from 7 to 9 pm, will teach Niagara-area residents the keys of keeping bears wild and home-owners safe from potential encounters or conflict.
Born and raised on a farm in South Western Ontario, Mike McIntosh values the […]

I Am Coyote Art Show & Heartland Forest Grand Opening

Come out and meet Coyote…Get reacquainted with local plants, animals and amphibians.

Experience trails that embrace universal accessibility~ By foot, wheelchair or baby carriage….adventures abound at Heartland Forest. Yours to discover June 21 & June 22, 2013 from 11-3pm.

Wood, iron, acrylics, oil, photo creations and poetry will release your imagination, leading you into a world where the Wild Ones like Coyote roam. Learn about this amazing native Song Dog through the creations of various artisans.  Art work has traveled from the United States and Northern Ontario to join our talented local artists in celebrating […]

I AM COYOTE Art Show & Heartland Forest Grand Opening~ JOIN US!

Experience through the eyes, hands and voice of passionate artisans sharing their vision of who Coyote is…Trickster, hunter, devoted parent, stealthy, beautiful wild dog, unity, teacher, lifetime mates. Travel into a diverse creative journey of the senses… woodcarving, oil & acrylic paintings, photographs, ironworks, storytelling of Coyote Legends, poetry, music accompaniment and much more! Artists from near and far will share their inspirational expressions.

Join us June 21 & 22, 2013 11-3pm to celebrate Coyote through the world of art and Heartland Forest Grand Opening. This is a free family event.

Be sure to stop by […]

I AM COYOTE Art Show & Heartland Forest Grand Opening

Art expression is one of the most unique and empowering means of communicating inner feelings, concepts, interpretations and ideas. As a conservation biologist, Geri Vistein serves as the breath and heartbeat for the celebration of Coyote through the I AM COYOTE art show she created in Belfast, Maine in 2012. After spending time with Geri last spring during a coyote collaborative in New Hampshire, it became a Coyote Watch Canada “vision wave” to share and carry Geri’s vision “Science and art are one,” Vistein said, in that “they both express the wonder of our Earth.” But art, she believes […]