What We Do

Coyote Watch Canada is a North American compassionate wildlife coexistence alliance. We successfully partner citizens, educators, naturalists, farming in harmony farmers and ranchers, scientists and policy-makers to facilitate the development and implementation of non-lethal, sustainable human-wildlife conflict solutions. Coyote Watch Canada through our specialized educate, engage and empower direct action outreach, replace sensationalism with science and misinformation with informed appreciation and celebration about coyotes, wolves, fox and other essential wildlife present in the ecosystem.

Our collaborative community-based wildlife programs support the presences of native wildlife through practical coexistence strategies that demonstrate respect for diversity, recognize that all wild families matter and highlight the resilient and integral role coyotes provide in our landscapes.  Coyotes are vulnerable when conservation efforts overlook their important ecological niche. We develop progressive leadership preservation through our four cornerstone wildlife strategy framework for community coexistence.

Coyotes: Our Champion Ambassador

Coyotes are the epitome of a reliable “eco-thermometer” for any community in which they inhabit. Coyotes put us all on notice when they get too comfortable around people because of human indifference and misunderstanding about this family oriented, social and highly adaptable canine. In other words, when communities experience conflict, much can be learned from the presence of coyotes on how to become better stewards and citizens. Coyotes, a keystone species, are one of the most persecuted animals in North America. With little protection through lethal management policies, coyotes are destroyed without any policy accountability. Known as North America’s song dog, their brilliant vocalizations have graced ancient lands since the Pleistocene era. Coyotes are a respected part of Native American storytelling and hold a sacred place in many cultural traditions today.